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From the press release:

Who does not know the famous book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, in which the Little Prince leaves his tiny planet and his rose to find himself on a long journey to himself? He encounters bizarre characters on other asteroids, where we easily recognize representatives of our existing society, and finally reaches the Sahara desert, where he makes friends with an emergency-landed pilot. About love and responsibility, he is gently taught by a little vixen and, after he has met people, the snake with a bite helps him to leave his body and return to his rose. Editing and directing Otto Novoa 2009.

Editor, Director: Otto Novoa

Translator: Josef Oberbauer
Assistance: Christine Ott
Costume: Eva Lüps
Scene: Erwin Kloker
With: Johannes Hlepas, Klaus Wächter, Manuela Müllbacher, Daniela Reith, Magda Agudelo, Bernd Mühlig-Versen, Max Hanke


11.09.2009 – Unser Theater, Schwabhausen (DE)
12.09.2009 – Unser Theater, Schwabhausen (DE)
18.09.2009 – Unser Theater, Schwabhausen (DE)
19.09.2009 – Unser Theater, Schwabhausen (DE)
11.07.2010 – Theaterfestival “Offene Grenzen” – Unser Theater, Schwabhausen (DE)
14.07.2010 – Theaterfestival “Offene Grenzen” – Unser Theater, Schwabhausen (DE)



“Der kleine Prinz in neuen Szenen” >Augsburger Allgeimeine< 9.9.2009 18:40, link 20.2.2017, 10:00

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