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Magda Agudelo was born in Colombia. She studied performing arts with a focus on acting at the Academia Superior de Artes de Bogotá (ASAB) and is still involved in various art and theater projects in her home country. Since 2004 she lives in Germany. Until 2014 she worked with the cultural center and theater laboratory “Unser Theater” at Landsberg a. L. and participated in other theater projects and performances in Munich and Augsburg.

In 2006 she began her master studies in German philology, Romance studies and art history at the University of Augsburg. In her thesis she deals with the topic “Collective working methods at Bertolt Brecht”. After a four-month stay in Colombia in 2014, she lived in Bochum until 2017 and worked in the independent scene, with the play Algodón cotton. Since September 2017 she lives in the Stuttgart region and currently plays in “7 Minuten”, a theatrical production of the Theaterhaus.