Creación colectiva with Ulrike Frank, Martin Haberstroh, Otto Novoa, Tom Streeb and Magda Agudelo

Two hundred years ago, two brothers set out on the whimsical task of collecting the fairy tales and legends of their world. They cared little where they came from, for the nature of the stories made them travelers beyond fixed boundaries.

The German-Colombian ensemble, inspired by their unique treasure hunt, is following in the footsteps of the Grimm brothers. The collectively developed work revolves around memories, encounters and sensations with the spoken and written word. The ensemble reflects itself in these stories, gives them body and space, encounters and loses itself in them.


© Sarah & Roland & Unser Theater


2013 – Unser Theater, Schwabhausen (DE)
20.11.2013 – Theater im Viertel, Saarbrücken (DE)
21.11.2013 – Theater im Viertel, Saarbrücken (DE)
22.11.2013 – Theater im Viertel, Saarbrücken (DE)
23.11.2013 – Theater im Viertel, Saarbrücken (DE)
05.12.2013 – Stadttheater Landsberg, Landsberg am Lech (DE)
26.04.2014 – Kolbenhof Hamburg, Hamburg (DE)


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“Ein Theater der Illusion” >Augsburger Allgemeine< Romi Löbhard, 7.12.2013
“Interkulturelles Theater á la Lateinamerika” >Alumni Augsburg International< S. 27 u. 28, Nr. 19 2014