A production of Mil M2 in cooperation with Volks*theater Rampe

Question Project is a tool that does not provide answers.

Magda Agudelo in Theater Rampe

from: https://milm2.com/permanents/question-project

What is Question Project?

Question Project is a tool that does not provide answers.

Question Project explores doubt, questions, interrogation, uncertitude, interpellation, curiosity, problems, mysteries, hypothesis, the unknown, a changing idea, assumptions, conjectures, possibility, presumption, figuration, probability, theory, suspicion, enigma, uncertainty.

Question Project results from a question asked by an unknown pedestrian.
Question Project begins with a question that triggers another question.
Such as What would you ask yourself?
Question Project is a large sign with wheels and moveable letters, where we install questions provided as answers by pedestrians.

Question Project is a conversation with a stranger in the street who decides to think about a question.
Question Project is responsive. Its letters move, allowing participants to write questions of up to 100 characters.
Question Project has wheels and can be moved from one point to another.
It has also been on walls, floating in a river or sailing on a lake.
Question Project is a project conceived for public space, but…
Question Project visits museums and other institutions in private spaces.
Question Project is not autonomous. It depends on the other, it is relational.
Question Project is operated by humans, it requires a presence.
Question Project is a contextual practice.
Question Project invites people to ask questions with us.
Question Project generates dialogue, knowledge, information, polysemy and multiverses.
Question Project is also an archive of questions in dialogue with what is artistic, performative, craft-oriented, urban, architectural, educational, anthropological, philosophical. With what is graphic, museological, typographical and with the inter-trans-intra-anti disciplinary, and with unnamed soon-to-exist fields.

Question Project seeks no answer.