A production of Volks*theater Rampe.
Magda Agudelo was part of the artistic direction and performer.

The Volks*theater Rampe celebrates.

Who celebrates how? Who is invited? And why do we celebrate?
Celebrations are rituals that mark transitions, that solemnly frame the transformation of one state into another: unique events for farewells and new beginnings.
The Volkstheater ensemble invites you to a great neighborhood celebration, where all emotions that are repressed or tabooed in everyday life have a place – in the form of a parade, a festive table, shared rituals and dancing to the point of ectasy. The Volkstheater believes in polyphonic storytelling and collective imagination in public space.


02.06.2023 – 20:00 Erwin-Schöttle-Platz, Stuttgart (DE)

03.06.2023 – 20:00 Erwin-Schöttle-Platz, Stuttgart (DE)

04.06.2023 – 20:00 Erwin-Schöttle-Platz, Stuttgart (DE)

For the premiere on Friday, June 2, we will offer a very personal audio description: There will be companions for blind and visually impaired people who will follow the pageant in tandem. Please meet then at 19:30 at the exit of the subway station Marienplatz.

Dorothea Karapanagiotidou, Rosa Elidjani, Britta Wente, Robert Atzlinger, Magda Agudelo, Efthimios Gongos, Amir Nathanaeel Saadat, Binyamin Saadat, Christian Carlier, Gerda Eisele, Chantal Ruiz, Paria Tavakoli, Alexander Sowa, Valentin Leuschel, Sophia Sadakov, Relebohile Mabunda, Karina Pino Gallardo, Alessandra Santiesteban, Paula Kohlmann

© Gunnar Julius

Sponsored by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts within the framework of project funding for private theaters.

Many thanks to all helpers.