Monodrama about war and the longing for freedom

German premiere based on the play by Mahabad Qaradaghi. In translation from Kurdish by Nigar Hisab

The play

Asrin, the protagonist comes from divided Kurdistan and is invited as a guest speaker to a peace conference. While preparing for her speech, she recalls events and memories. She relives several war tragedies from her previous lives, none of which she survived. Immersed in the contemplation of the nature of time, the meaning of life and the fatefulness of the naming, she ponders her names.

Text: Mahabad Qaradaghi
Play: Fermesk Mustafa Abdolrahman
Performance: Magda Agudelo
Director and Dramaturgy: Dahab Paulos
Ausstattung: Johanna Kessler
Translator: Nigar Hisab

Premiere: 04.11.2022 – Theater La Lune, Stuttgart (DE)

10.03.2023 – KKT – Stuttgart (DE)

11.03.2023 – KKT – Stuttgart (DE)

30.06.2023 – 20:00 – Theater La Lune – Stuttgart (DE)

Fermesk Mustafa Abdolrahman, Magda Agudelo
Tränen in den Augen der Zeit

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