Stage play by Kathye Molina and Magda Agudelo

“Algodón” deals with some of the problems caused by the textile industry. These begin at the cotton plantations, exacerbate in the factories and end in the consumption of clothing. The complex problems can be viewed historically and globally. In connection with cotton cultivation, for example, is the enslavement of people from Africa to America in the 18th century. The play shows this phenomenon through choreographies created on the basis of Afro-Peruvian rhythms. The path from manual processing of textiles on looms to industrial production and the associated development of weaving machines also inspires a large part of the movement sequences of “Algodón”.

In the foreground of reflection is always the woman, because she is the one who works mostly in textile factories; their enslavement in this industry is an important source of inspiration for the stage play. The scenic mix of dance, theater and performance invites the audience to break the chain of exploitation, enslavement and, ultimately, environmental pollution. “Instead of a web of lies, death and destruction, we should weave a web of life” (Vandana Shiva).

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© Magda Agudelo

AAt the end of 2015, Kathye and Magda decided to put together a stage play. They approached the chosen topic theoretically, improvising and constructing different movement sequences, experimenting with different materials and the like. So they gradually built the scenic structure that is “Algodón”.


28.10.2016 – Theater der Gezeiten, Bochum (DE)
30.10.2016 – Theater der Gezeiten, Bochum (DE)
03.11.2016 – Theater der Gezeiten, Bochum (DE)
04.11.2016 – Theater der Gezeiten, Bochum (DE)
05.11.2016 – Theater der Gezeiten, Bochum (DE)

ALGODON - Baumwolle
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