Beginning of a reflection on the relationship between man and nature
and search for performative formats that bring people and nature closer.


How close or how far am I from nature?

Why did I learn, to distance myself from nature, to regard them as dangerous, to think that you should dominate them and useful?

To what extent do I live in harmony with the cycles of nature?

With these questions the project “Seasons Caravans” begins which combines Hikes between city and nature.

An interdisciplinary team of artists develops a hike with artistic interventions at the beginning of each season.

The seasons were in different epochs the inspiration or starting point of various works in the field of music, painting, etc.

At a time when the environment is so strong in discourse, it makes sense to make nature come alive through art.

Urban Experiment

Make seed bombs, throw them and watch them sprout between the paving stones.

Thanks to El Palito e. V. and to Britta Wente

Plastic Experiment

“Carnivorous plant” in the studio of Justyna Koeke

Music: ⊜ Roman Belov – spirit blossom

Funded by

This project was carried out as part of the scholarship program #TakeHeart: Residenzförderung by Fonds Darstellende Künste and supervised by Theater Rampe Stuttgart.