A telephone performance by VOLKS*THEATER RAMPE

A walk through Stuttgart-south with your mobile phone to your ear.

“The VOLKSTHEATER RAMPE is not waiting for the one day when everything will be different. We know: The future is always uncertain. But as long as we create space for imagination, everything is possible. In this performance, the visitor of the VOLKSTHEATER RAMPE on DAY Y undertakes a journey through the urban space, observing it at a distance and getting too close to it. By telephone, an initially unknown voice from a life in isolation answers. Together, the visitor and the person left at home wander lonely through Stuttgart-Süd, which changes in the course of the walk: Concrete places are rediscovered as utopias, fictitious neighborhoods are asserted, solidarity is proclaimed, a crocodile appears. The voice on the other end of the line tells of her memories of Marienplatz: a huge circus building stood here at the time, where Rosa Luxemburg spoke, there were SA marches, the square was declared a botanical garden, and today it is the “Arena of the South” on rough concrete.
How credible is the memory of a world that changes so quickly? How much distance is needed to see the familiar surroundings with different eyes? And who is the person on the other end of the line anyway?”

translated from the website theater Rampe link: 13.02.2021,22:55

Magda Agudelo
Robert Atzlinger
Rosa Elidjani
Sara Dahme
Efthimios Gongos
Nina Gühlstorff
Dorothea Karapanagiotidou
Justyna Koeke
Paula Kohlmann
Conny Krieger
Tanja Krone
Laurenz Leky
Moritz Martin
Farmullah Qalandari
Philine Pastenaci
Amir Nathanael Saadat
Benyamin Saadat
Alexander Sowa
Paria Tavakoli
Mehdi Tavakoli
Britta Wente
Artistic direction
Nina Gühlstorff
Paula Kohlmann

Collaboration Artistic Direction
Philine Pastenaci
Stage and conceptual collaboration
Moritz Martin
Alexander Sowa

Costume design
Justyna Koeke


© Dominique Brewing


Premiere 11.06.2020 – Stuttgart, Marienplatz (DE)
13.06.2020 – Stuttgart, Marienplatz (DE)
14.06.2020 – Stuttgart, Marienplatz (DE)
18.06.2020 – Stuttgart, Marienplatz (DE)
20.06.2020 – Stuttgart, Marienplatz (DE)
21.06.2020 – Stuttgart, Marienplatz (DE)
17.12.2020 – Stuttgart (DE)
18.12.2020 – Stuttgart (DE)
19.12.2020 – Stuttgart (DE)