A production of theater tri-bühne Stuttgart

Performance about patriarchy

Five women and one man shed light on the uncertainties and parallels of the patriarchal world.

With piano, harp, drum and voice different stories meet.

From and with:
Fermesk Mustafa Abdulrahman (Iraq/Kurdistan/Germany),
Renáta Balogh (Hungary /Germany),
Sylvia Fink-Passera (Germany/Italy),
Magda Cecilia Agudelo Moreno (Colombia/Germany) ,
Poldy Tagle (Chile/Germany),
Edith Koerber (Germany) ,
Mesut Bayraktar (Turkey),
Nino Iaseshvili (Georgia/Germany),
Nino Naneishvili (Georgia)
Lili Machavariani (Georgia)


premiere:  So 25.11.2018, 11:00-12:15 – Theater tri-bühne, Stuttgart (DE)


 Theater tri-bühne,  07.01.2019, 16:07
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