A production of freie bühne stuttgart

music – theatre – collage

soundscenes – mixedability

Soundscenes – © Peter Poeschl

The young performers of the mixedability ensemble of the freien bühne stuttgart, aged between 10 and 35, interpret the sound worlds of the musician duo AFFLATUS FUSION in their very own way. Out of 17 personalities who differ in many ways, a group has been formed that shows what is possible together. The differences are an occasion to be more attentive to each other; spontaneity and openness are the basis for getting involved with each other, not a game, but moments of real encounter. These tender and at the same time intense moments flourish through empathetic watching, and unfold in the free space that we as directors had to learn to allow. Music, the emphasis on physical expression, dance – soundscenes is the ideal theatrical experience for a mixedability audience with no age restriction.

With: David Beci, Sara Beraldo, Chiara Beraldo, David Elmy, Clara Hafner, Lena Herzberg, Alma Müller, Julian Pimentel, Abdul Popalzai, Lin Schell, Nick Schimpf, Luca Secco, Janine Shirazi, Toni Vila, Serge Yakpo

music: Afflatus Fusion

direction: Magda Agudelo, Brais Nunez Gutierrez, Ismene Schell

costumes: Hannah Ebenau

production management: Ismene Schell

technology: Alexander Joseph

social media, graphics: Ramin Khoshbin

photos: Peter Pöschl


Photos: © Peter Poeschl


Premiere: 29.04.2022, 19:00, Kulturzentrum Schwanen, Waiblingen (DE)


13.05.2022 19:00, Kulturwerk, Stuttgart (DE)

22.05.2022 18:00, Kulturwerk, Stuttgart (DE)

Soundscenes – © Peter Poeschl


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