Eine Produktion von Magda Agudelo

“quebrando miedos – shattering fears” combines masks, texts, colors, movement and music. The texts recorded in German and Spanish express the fears of women, which the performer collected in interviews and described as poems.

While the texts are running, colored lines and surfaces are placed on the masks, as a kind of visual translation of what the texts express. The painted masks are ultimately not left untouched.


01.05.2014 – Projektschmiede Augsburg (DE)

05.05.2014 – Kommunität Grimnitz Joachimsthal (DE)

Texts by

Ana J. Haugwitz
Ana M. Molina O.
Dora I. López M.
Luna Winter
Nubia Agudelo
Magda Agudelo
Monika Wex
Patricia Uhl


Magda Agudelo

Daniela Reith


Kommunität Grimnitz e.V. Rundbrief 42, -> [PDF]

El Cebú

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