Video-Performance by Magda Agudelo

How can I experience time and space in and with my body?

KONTINUUM is a journey through different places in the city that serve as a backdrop for a movement sequence about orientation, presence, omnipresence, eternity, stillness, movement, moment, infinity and other categories related to time-space continuum.

Performance and Concept
Magda Agudelo

Costume and Mask
Johana Gómez

Camera and Sound
Jan Cafuk
Manuel Lindenborn
Hans-Peter Lutsch

Gunnar Julius

If you are interested in the video performance

kontaktieren Sie mich please contact me at info(at)

The video performance was produced by SynEnergy (a project of Produktionszentrum Tanz+Performance e.V., in cooperation with thefreien bühne stuttgart, La Fuchsia Kollektiva e.V. and Sense Trans Techno, funded by the program KULTUR.GEMEINSCHAFTEN – funding program for digital content production in cultural institutions), Kulturamt Stuttgart, Produktionszentrum Tanz+Performance e. V. and St. Maria as ….

The project was supported by a scholarship from the Ministry for

Science, Research and Art Baden-Württemberg.