A performative city walk through Stuttgart South

by and with the Volks*theater Rampe

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“In Stuttgart in the summer of 2021, a private “Schwätz-Bänkle”, which a neighbor had set up on the sidewalk, triggered a debate between road traffic authorities, committed residents, the city council and the press.”

“The question of whether and under what circumstances a bench may be placed in front of a house is based on other discussions: Who owns the public space in front of the house? Who owns the city? Where can people retreat, take a break and meet? And why are there so many benches that you can’t lie down on?”

“In a performative city walk through Stuttgart South, the Volks*theater RAMPE invites you to talk on various benches in the district and uses performative scenes in public space to address questions about living and living space in the city, community and loneliness.”

“We have already activated the neighborhood in advance in a public discussion evening and at the bench-building workshop and want to motivate people to create meeting spaces themselves with (mobile) benches.”

Source: Theater Rampe

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Premiere: 28.06.2024 – Theater Rampe, Stuttgart (DE)
29.06.2024 – Theater Rampe, Stuttgart (DE)
30.06.2024 – Theater Rampe, Stuttgart (DE)

Volks*theater Rampe Ensemble

Magda Agudelo, Robert Atzlinger, Rosa Elidjani, Efthimios Gongos, Dorothea Karapanagiotidou, Farmullah Qalandari, Amir Nathanael Saadat, Benyamin Saadat, Nazanin Sahamizadeh,Christian Carlier, Chantal Ruiz, Paria Tavakoli, Britta Wente, Gerda Eisele


Magda Agudelo
Sabrina Schray


Paula Kohlmann


Valentin Leuschel


Siri Thiermann


Justyna Koeke


Moritz Martin

Many thanks to the participants of the Volks*theater Projektchor and the Freien Chors Stuttgart under the direction of Julia Wirsching.

© Volks*theater Projektchor,”Füttert uns” – Bernadette la Hengst

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