Produced by La Fuchsia Kollektiva

A research on Femi(ni)cide

Alles aufs Spiel is a performative research project (funded by the Fonds Dakü). We deal with the topic of Femi(ni)cide. By Femi(ni)cide we mean not only the murder of people who understand or identify women on the basis of their gender, but also the responsibility of society as a whole to prevent these murders.

A hybrid (printed and virtual) catalogue with selected material from our theoretical research and experimental phases is part of this and will be an important basis for developing suitable artistic expressions or a performative language. Not only for La Fuchsia Kollektiva (2023), but also for other groups or people who are interested in the topic. It will be an inspiration for many.

In our “hybrid” publication, the results of the laboratory in 2022 are compiled. The authors of this catalogue are six artists with a working environment in Stuttgart (Laura Galeano, Johana Gómez, Magda Agudelo, Jasmin Schädler, Hannah Ebenau and Felix Nagel). In addition, other institutions and cooperation partners will appear in the catalogue to support the networking of interested parties.

In 2023, we will develop and present the second part of the project: an interactive performance about Femi(ni)cide.

The PUBLICATION 2022 will be a detailed and strong basis for our artistic work in 2023. The documentation of the artistic research and the performative laboratory process in a publication will not only be the basis for the conception of a performance by La Fuchsia Kollektiva, but also inspiration for other artists, artist collectives, activists and/or people who deal with the topic of Femi(ni)cide.

Actions in public space

I 08.03.2022 – Performance

II 11.06.2022 – Performance

III 18.06.2022 – Performance

IV 29.07.2022 – in theaterfestival __über__land__